Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Educational Assignment

    For my Educational Technology class we were asked to create our own lesson plan by utilizing Pinterest. I thought at first this would be one unbelievably undo-able feat. Well once I started exploring and seeing all of the various ideas and crafts on Pinterest I realized that this would be a cake walk. Pinteret is without a doubt an essential tool that teachers should take advantage of. For this assignment I chose to create a lesson that would inform students on how a bill becomes a law.  I have listed below my assignment as well as the project I asked them to complete.
Reflection Assignment

Step 1. You will first need to locate the steps of how a bill becomes a law from your notes, worksheets, and/or video. 
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Step 2. You will secondly write those steps down on your sheet of paper.
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Step 3.  You will thirdly take your pencil and sketch out the steps in the order they happened on your paper. Keep in mind that your drawings will need to be small enough to allow room for labeling. Your drawings should be small enough to fit on your paper, but large enough to be detailed.
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Step 4. You will fourthly take your crayons and markers and add color to your drawings.  Do not add so much color that I cannot read your steps. I suggest simply tracing your pencil lines with markers and/or crayons.

Step 5.You will finally write your name and the date on your assignment and turn it in to me. I will allow you to submit your work early, but keep in mind you have two days after the assigned date to turn it in.

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